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Truth Or Pear by Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

We tried many fruit combinations and the truth is that this medley of ripe strawberries tart lime and fresh pears is that good we dare you to vape something else!

Liquid Gold by Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

"Gold- something considered to be precious and beautiful" just like this perfect blend of juicy blackberries, pink raspberries and a tingle of apple to finish off this precious liquid.

Bite The Bullet by Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

'Accept the inevitable'... there is no liquid that comes close to this secretly guarded recipe that can only be described as black fruits that have seen the dark side.

Bluemonia by Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

An infectious fusion of raspberries and ripe blueberries frozen and blended into a deadly all day vape... many have searched, however.. none have found the cure for Bluemonia.

Berried Alive by Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

The deepest vape flavours we dare to create rise up, fruity and fresher than ever! Strawberry, Guava & Watermelon

Melon On My Mind by Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

Some say this combination of melons is that good its sent people crazy, all we know is that we can't stop thinking about how perfect it is!

Love Bite by Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

Once bitten, twice shy... or so they say. This blood orange and grapefruit medley will always keep you curious.  

Wild Roots Wild Cherry Shortfill

Wild Cherry, Fino Lemon, Frozen blueberries Shaken wild cherry tress have dropped the juiciest fruits ready to be foraged and brought together with fino lemon slices and cooled off with frozen blueberries.

Passion8 Ltd Edition by Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

Six Licks Limited Edition We've brought together lip-smacking pear and exotic passionfruit for our fruitiest flavour yet; Passion8. It's rumoured this one's so juicy all our taste-testers lost their minds. There's only one way to find out. 

Wild Roots Pressed Pear Shortfill

Pressed Pear, Pink Lady, Elderflower Country pressed pears coupled with tart pink lady apples marry up perfectly with a sprig of wild elderflower. This curious combination is perfect for warm summer evenings.

WIld Roots Passionfruit Shortfill

Passionfruit + Wild Mango + Red Delicious Apple Let the exotic flavours in this shortfill take you on a tropical journey. Aromatic passionfruit is complemented by smooth mango, rounded off with a crisp bite of Red Delicious apple. A rich and complex flavour that’s perfect for everyday vaping all year round.

Wild Roots Royal Apricot Shortfill

Three sumptuous blends of crushed royal apricot and tangy forest picked blackcurrants, completed with a sprinkle of acai berries, marinated in a truly succulent fusion of flavours.

Wild Roots Gold Dust Peach Shortfill

Gold Dust Peach, Goji Berry When juicy peaches combine with its super fruit counterpart we have a match made in fruit heaven. Floral, fruity and full of flavour.  

Wild Roots Pomegranate Shortfill

Pomegranate, Queen Pineapple, Cucumber Bursts of aromatic pomegranate, infused with the range and sweet flavours of tropical pineapple, completed with subtle hints of cooling cucumber - a taste of summer with this colourful combination.

Elderpower Ltd Edition by Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

Six Licks Limited Edition ElderPower is a combination of sweet elderflower, fresh oranges and zesty lime zaps your tongue to create a sensational flavour hit.

Wild Roots Mint Tea Shortfill

Mint Tea + Rhubarb Refresh your senses with this cool and tangy shortfill e-liquid from Wild Roots. Expect the taste of freshly brewed mint tea to surround your palette while notes of tart rhubarb chime through. A uniquely refreshing all-day vape.

Grappleberry by Senses/Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

Get to grips with the ultimate berry take over as you're presented with the sensation of delicious grapes and berries that take hold of your tongue.

Rhubellion Reloaded by Senses/Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

Rise up and rebel against the norm with this flavour revelation. Juicy apples go hand in hand with tart rhubarb for an assault on your taste buds.

Peach Perfect by Senses/Six Licks - 0mg - Shortfill

The clue is in the name, this peach and grapefruit creation reveals a relishing twist that revels on your lips. It's Peach Perfect!

Summer Blaze by IVG Classic - 0mg - Shortfill

Summer BlazeåÊfeatures Sicilian style cool lemonade infused with mixed summer berries.åÊ

Vitality CBD Muscle Balm 50ml

The Vitality CBD's Muscle Balm includes a hand selected combination of ingredients including organic beeswax, argan oil and lavendar oils to create the UK's No.1 CBD muscle rub.

Blue Razz by Soda King - 0mg - Shortfill

Blue Razz is your childhood favourite slushy but with some fizz to really kick start your palate this is by far one of best all day can buy.

Cherry Soda by Soda King - 0mg - Shortfill

Cherry Soda is expertly crafted to give you the most authentic cherryade taste with a deliciously sweet cherry and a refreshing fizz to leave you wandering how did they do it??

Rainbow Blast by IVG Menthol - 0mg - Shortfill

Rainbow BlaståÊis an outrageously-fruity mix of lush strawberries, juicy oranges and zesty lemons chilled to perfection with a shot of invigoratingåÊmenthol.