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BLNDR Black & Berry 100ml Shortfill

Handfuls of fresh Blackcurrants and assorted Berries blended into a smoothie drink. Velvety smooth and fruity with every hit.

BLNDR Peach & Apricot 100ml Shortfill

Juicy Peaches combine with a sharp Apricot tang before being whizzed together creating a velvety smoothie drink, perfect for all-day vaping.

BLNDR Rasp & Cran 100ml Shortfill

Tart Raspberries and handfuls of tangy cranberries are blended together to create a smoothie drink perfect for those with a fruit craving.

BLNDR Coco & Pine 100ml Shortfill

Ripe Pineapple chunks are infused with fresh shavings of coconut before being blended together to create a luscious smoothie drink.