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Charlies Chalk Dust

Charlies Chalk Dust - Wonder Worm - 50ml

A sweet and sour gummy snake Candy flavour, hit after hit. A truly perfect e-liquid for those with a sweet tooth!

Charlies Chalk Dust - Gold - 50ml

A zesty, freshly baked Key Lime Pie inspired flavour topped with lashings of whipped Cream.

Charlies Chalk Dust - Campfire - 50ml

Freshly toasted Marshmallow chunks combine with a rich blend of Chocolate, Graham crackers and a sprinkling of spicy Cinnamon.

Charlies Chalk Dust - Head Bangin' Boogie - 50ml

A nostalgic and refreshingly tart Blueberry Popsicle flavour that’ll take you back to memory lane!

Charlies Chalk Dust - Aunt Meringue - 50ml

A sweet Apple pie flavour is blended with a light and airy Meringue base, all served with mellow Cream and Butter notes.

Charlies Chalk Dust - Mr Meringue - 50ml

A light yet velvety meringue base is met with layers of citrusy Lemon curd in this dessert-inspired e-liquid.

Charlies Chalk Dust - White - 50ml

A mix between fresh Strawberries and tropical Kiwi notes, all served over crushed Ice for a delightful flavour experience.

Charlies Chalk Dust - Jam Rock - 50ml

Sweet and sour green Apples blended into a sugary Candy lollipop flavour.

Charlies Chalk Dust - Dream Cream - 50ml

A smooth and creamy Vanilla Fudge flavour with a subtle hint of spicy Cinnamon.

Charlies Chalk Dust - Ms Meringue - 50ml

Sweet and succulent Strawberries served over a light and crispy meringue flavour.

Charlies Chalk Dust - Black - 50ml

Sweet green Apples build a fruity inhale before soothing waves of Ice Menthol are present on exhale.

Charlies Chalk Dust - CCD3 - 50ml

Soft-serve Ice Cream combined with sea salt and velvety smooth Salted Caramel notes.

Charlies Chalk Dust - Black Ice Menthol - 50ml

Blackberries combine with subtle Cucumber notes before a cooling wave of Menthol is present on exhale.

Charlies Chalk Dust - Mustache Milk - 50ml

Sweet Cereal notes combined with a deliciously creamy Milk base for smooth flavour bursts hit after hit.

Charlies Chalk Dust - King Bellman - 50ml

Toasted Tobacco notes blended into smooth waves of Vanilla and brown sugar.

Charlies Chalk Dust - Slam Berry - 50ml

A freshly made Strawberry Ice Cream flavour for smooth flavour bursts with every single hit.