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Drifter 100ml Vape Juice

Drifter Blue Raspberry Sourz 100ml Shortfill

Everyone's all-day favourite. Sweet and tangy blue raspberry, with a classic sour bite. Your new favourite!

Drifter Mango Passion 100ml Shortfill

 A tropical combination of sweet ripe Mango and juicy Passionfruit. 

Drifter Sour Cherry Cola Sourz 100ml Shortfill

Everyone's favorite drink, mashed up with cherry and a sour finish...

Drifter Lemon Sherbet Sourz 100ml Shortfill

Tangy Lemon sherbet sweets, a true lip-smacking sour lemon!

Drifter Kool Grape 100ml Shortfill

Kool Grape shortfill e-liquid by Drifter is a sweet fruit flavour with a cool finish. The bold notes of grape can be tasted from your first inhale, with the sweetness intensified by a wave of menthol.

Drifter Sour Rhubarb Sourz 100ml Shortfill

Sweet & Sour, packed full of tangy rhubarb to keep you going all day long.

Drifter Lemon Tang 100ml Shortfill

Lemon tang is a sour lemon with notes of sherbet all finished with crushed ice. Sweet & Sour!

Drifter Orange Juice 100ml Shortfill

Orange Juice shortfill e-liquid by Drifter is a classic drink blend. On inhale and exhale you'll experience a predominantly citrus orange taste with added sweet notes, to create an authentic fruit flav