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Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice - Blue Lagoon - 100ml Shortfill

A punchy Blue Raspberry flavour built for vapers looking for big flavours. This flavour also features notes of Cotton Candy for a more textured flavour.

Jungle Juice - Tropical Lagoon - 100ml Shortfill

A sweet tropical e-liquid with a refreshing twist. Tropical fruits and Loganberry are masterfully combined for a lively vape juice that dazzles the palate with each hit.

Jungle Juice - Red Lagoon - 100ml Shortfill

A sharp and refreshing Red Berry and Sicilian Lemon flavour. A fantastic e-liquid for vapers with a tired palate in need of something invigorating.

Jungle Juice - Orange Lagoon - 100ml Shortfill

A delicious Orange flavour e-liquid with a varied flavour profile. On the inhale you’ll experience sweet orange segments while the exhale is sharper orange zest. An authentic orange experience from flavour to aroma!

Jungle Juice - Black Lagoon - 100ml Shortfill

A chilled cola flavoured e-liquid that features a more luxurious take on the classic cola e-liquid. Expect a sweet cola base with an extra focus on spicy cinnamon notes.