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Just Jam Sponge

Just Jam Sponge - Vanilla Sponge - Shortfill

A true British icon. We've all had it, now vape it! Take a trip down memory lane and treat your taste buds to a decedent and magnificent vanilla sponge.

Just Jam Sponge - Lemon Sponge - Shortfill

Zesty yet comforting, this scintillating and tangy lemon sponge cake is a must have for all dessert lovers.

Just Jam Sponge - Original Sponge - Shortfill

The time tested classic Just Jam has been spread lovingly atop the most delectably fluffy sponge base.

Just Jam Sponge - Ginger Sponge - Shortfill

Providing a warmth and comforting flavour, Ginger Sponge from Just Jam supplies not only a classic ginger spice but a comforting and sumptuous sponge base.