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Pod Salt

Pod Salt - Banana Ice - Nic Salt

Banana Ice E-Liquid by Pod Salt is a ripe bananas with almost caramel taste on the inhale, complemented by subtle notes of menthol on the exhale, creating a refreshing and indulgent vape.

Pod Salt - Watermelon Breeze - Nic Salt

This combination of refreshing watermelon with an icy breeze makes for a cool and mouth-watering experience.

Pod Salt - Ice Menthol - Nic Salt

A refreshing menthol nicotine salt e-liquid made for a glacial vaping experience.

Pod Salt - Blue Ice - Nic Salt

A tantalising blueberry fruit flavour with ice menthol for an icy cool finish.

Pod Salt - Vanilla - Nic Salt

A delicious creamy vanilla flavour with a sweet and naturally smooth aftertaste.

Pod Salt - Lychee Ice - Nic Salt

Refreshing Lychee fruit is a cool, icy twist. A native delicacy from tropical Southeast Asia, this sweet Lychee blend works wonders in our award-winning Nicotine salt format.

Pod Salt - Mango Ice - Nic Salt

A refreshing blend of exotic mango and ice menthol for a cool, refreshing vape experience.

Pod Salt - Blue Raspberry - Nic Salt

Blue Raspberry nicotine salt e-liquid by Pod Salt is a fruit blend with a tangy edge. A blue raspberry flavour plays between sweet and sour notes for a bold e-liquid.

Pod Salt - Blueberry Pomegranate - Nic Salt

A wonderful combination of rich blueberries and exotic pomegranate. Together, you get the perfect balance between sweet and tangy for your taste buds to enjoy.

Pod Salt - Mixed Berries - Nic Salt

A fruit berry medley combining sweet strawberries, blueberries and blackcurrants.

Pod Salt - Strawberry - Nic Salt

Perfect for a summertime vape or for an after-dinner sweet hit, this strawberry vape is jam-packed.

Pod Salt - Cigarette - Nic Salt

Cigarette provides an authentic tobacco flavour that is absolutely essential. It’s just like when you roll your own.

Pod Salt - Mixed Berried Ice - Nic Salt

Mixed Berries Ice by Pod Salt is a fruit berry medley combining sweet strawberries, blueberries and blackcurrants on ice.

Pod Salt - Blue Berg - Nic Salt

A mouth-watering combination of blueberry and menthol giving you a cool, fruity taste.

Pod Salt - Fresh Mint - Nic Salt

Fresh Mint is a great substitute for chewing gum.

Pod Salt - Blackcurrant Menthol - Nic Salt

Delicious blackcurrant menthol promises sweet and fruity undertones with a minty fresh aftertaste.

Pod Salt - Havana Gold - Nic Salt

A classic tobacco flavour. Reminiscent of a Cuban cigar, the strong tobacco notes create a smoky, robust taste.

Pod Salt - Cuban Crème - Nic Salt

Cuban Creme by Pod Salt is a fresh hand-rolled cigar topped off with smooth vanilla cream! A perfect combination of rich smoky notes followed by sweet vanilla after taste making this the cigar you always wanted!

Pod Salt - Blackcurrant - Nic Salt

A fruity blend of sweet and sour tanginess. Juicy blackcurrants are present throughout for a balanced, fruity vape.

Pod Salt Fusion - Blueberry Jam Tart - Nic Salt

English blueberry jam cradled in a sweet pastry crust which you can almost feel crumble. This award-winning dessert vape is the ideal sweet treat.

Pod Salt Fusion - Marshmallow Man 3 - Nic Salt

A smooth and creamy blend of fluffy marshmallows and strawberries for an indulgent and fruity vape. Finished with a touch of sweet vanilla. If you like your dessert vapes, you’re going to love Marshmallow Man III.

Pod Salt Fusion - Amnesia Mango - Nic Salt

The fresh, citrus notes of the Amnesia strain blend perfectly with the refreshingly sweet Kesar Mango flavour, bringing you a taste sensation like no other.

Pod Salt Fusion - Strawberry Kiwi Ice - Nic Salt

A fruity blend of ripe strawberries and tropical kiwi finished with a smooth, icy exhale. A magical earthiness lives deep in this all-day vaping experience.

Pod Salt - Virginia - Nic Salt

Inspired from the famous mid-west rolling tobacco. This tobacco vape has underlying sweetness.