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Ruthless Freeze Edition Wtrmln 100ml Shortfill

Juicy Watermelon chunks combine with wave after wave of ice cold menthol for a truly frozen experience.

Ruthless Freeze Edition Strawberry 100ml Shortfill

Fresh and ripe Strawberries are met with an arctic blast of frozen Ice menthol. The perfect all-day vape.

Ruthless Freeze Edition Mango Madness 100ml Shortfill

Sweet and fragrant Mangoes characterise this e-liquids inhale before a true frozen tundra of ice cold menthol captivates the senses.

Ruthless Freeze Edition Joosie Red 100ml Shortfill

Orchard fresh apples are squeezed over a crushed Ice base creating a refreshing and soothing vaping experience.

Ruthless Freeze Edition Iced Out 100ml Shortfill

A simply refreshing chill of of iced menthol cleanses your palette hit after hit.

Ruthless Freeze Edition Cherry Bomb 100ml Shortfill

Juicy and sharp cherry notes combine with a cooling blast of crushed ice with every single hit.

Ruthless Freeze Edition Berry Blast 100ml Shortfill

Handfuls of fresh frozen Berries fresh out of the fridge make for the perfect all-day flavour profile.

Ruthless Paradize 100ml Shortfill

A fragrant Passionfruit note combines with crisp pears and a smooth and juicy peach exhale.

Ruthless Dulce De Tobacco 100ml Shortfill

A classic RY4 flavour comprised of a toasted tobacco base, with smooth caramel and milk notes adding an extra sweetness.

Ruthless Coffee Tobacco 100ml Shortfill

A rich toasted tobacco blended with a coffee exhale with an almost nutty aftertaste.

Ruthless Antidote On Ice 100ml Shortfill

A smooth and refreshing blend of fresh Mango and Blue Raspberry combines before being met with a soothing blast of menthol on exhale.

Ruthless Rage 100ml Shortfill

Sweet Mangoes combine with a sharp and bitter Apple tang for a perfectly crafted fruit e-liquid.

Ruthless Rise On Ice 100ml Shortfill

Sweet Mango combines with a sweet and floral Lychee note before a icy cold note awakens your senses as you exhale.

Ruthless Rise 100ml Shortfill

Ripe Mango notes combined with a fresh and floral lychee flavour as you exhale.

Ruthless Jungle Fever 100ml Shortfill

A sweet and sour blend of fresh Pineapple chunks and a sweet mango gives you the juiciest flavour profile this side of the tropics.

Ruthless Skirr Skirr On Ice 100ml Shortfill

Crisp apple notes are mixed with a soothing and sweet honeydew melon before being served over cold ice.

Ruthless Swamp Thang On Ice 100ml Shortfill

Enjoy a delicious burst of sour candied apples, paired with a smooth and mellow throat hit. Swamp Thang by Ruthless is a mouth-watering vape juice with a sweet and sour kick to your taste buds. A smooth throat hit and a flavor that is unlike anything else out there will leave you wanting more.

Ruthless Red 100ml Shortfill

A tropical fruit medley consisting of contrasting flavours. A fusion of ripe-tasting mango, tart passionfruit and bittersweet grapefruit combine throughout for a layered vape.

Ruthless Gold 100ml Shortfill

A dessert blend that combines decadent, dark-tasting flavours. A sugary cookie base is fused with a robust yet smooth coffee and topped off by a rich caramel for a complex, sweet e-liquid.

Ruthless Swamp Thang 100ml Shortfill

In the days of our youth, we worked as ranchers. Although we eventually gave that up, we felt quite jolly to be ranchers at the time. If you're following us, you know exactly what green apple hard candy Swamp Thang by Ruthless

Ruthless Grape Drank On Ice 100ml Shortfill

As classic as it gets! A smooth and tangy grape soda served over a bed of crushed ice.

Ruthless Ez Duz It 100ml Shortfill

Fresh and succulent Strawberry notes combine with a subtle and refreshing Watermelon note to create a fruit duo so perfect you won't want to put it down. 

Ruthless Ez Duz It On Ice 100ml Shortfill

An instant fan favourite flavour profile characterised by fresh handfuls of Strawberry and refreshing chunks of Watermelon served over a crushing wave of ice Menthol.