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Unicorn Dew

Unicorn Dew Grape Citrus Soda 100ml Shortfill

Juicy black grapes give this soda e-liquid a rich, fruity base which is masterfully combined with sharp citrus. Bold and flavoursome with that extra soda sparkle!

Unicorn Dew Pineapple Citrus Soda 100ml Shortfill

This tropical soda-inspired e-liquid is alive with the flavours of exotic pineapple and a tingle of flavoursome citrus. Expect subtle sweetness and a refreshing exhale.

Unicorn Dew Strawberry Citrus Soda 100ml Shortfill

A refreshing and fruity soda-inspired e-liquid. The tastes of hand-picked strawberries are combined with vibrant citrus notes for a flavour that really sparkles!