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Wild Roots

Wild Roots Wild Cherry Nic Salt

Wild Cherry + Fino Lemon + Frozen Blueberries   Wild Cherries cascade over freshly sliced Lemons before being cooled off by fresh waves of Frozen Blueberries. Masterfully crafted for all-day vaping.

Wild Roots Royal Apricot Nic Salt

Royal Apricot + Forest Blackcurrant + Acai Ripe and juicy Apricots blend effortlessly with hand-picked Blackcurrants before a rush of rich Acai Berries provide a sweet kick on the exhale.

Wild Roots Pomegranate Nic Salt

Pomegranate + Queen Pineapple + Cucumber   Sweet and sour Pomegranate notes combine with sharp Pineapple chunks before a soothing Cucumber note rounds off this unique flavour profile.

Wild Roots Pressed Pear Nic Salt

Pressed Pear + Pink Lady Apple + Elderflower   Succulent Pears and Pink Lady Apples are pressed into a fruit drink flavour that is equal parts sweet and smooth before a light and floral Elderflower note glides through.

Wild Roots Passionfruit Nic Salt

Passionfruit + Wild Mango + Red Delicious Apple   Tart Passion Fruit notes combine with freshly picked Mangoes and Red Apples to create a flavour explosion that has to be vaped to be believed!

Wild Roots Mint Tea & Rhubarb Nic Salt

Mint Tea + Rhubarb   This delicate Mint Tea e-liquid is met with lashings of punchy Rhubarb, creating a distinct fruit drink flavour that you’ll want to vape day in and day out.

Wild Roots Gold Dust Peach Nic Salt

Gold Dust Peach + Goji Berry The ripest hand-selected Peaches are squeezed into Sour Goji Berry notes. A flavour to savour!

Wild Roots Autumn Grape 50/100ml Shortfill

Autumn Grape + Guava + Jackfruit A distinctly exotic mix sent from the tropics. Luscious Autumn Grape is embraced by juicy Guava and Jackfruit to tantalise the palate with intensely sweet flavour notes.

Wild Roots Jewel Raspberry 50/100ml Shortfill

Jewel Raspberry + Coconut + Cantaloupe A sweet and endlessly refreshing vape juice. Jam-like Jewell Raspberry is paired with the cooling exotic notes of Coconut and Cantaloupe for a palate-cleansing flavour ideal for all-day vaping.

Wild Roots Honey Tangerine 50/100ml Shortfill

Honey Tangerine + Red Pomelo Grapefruit + Pomegranate This e-liquid is alive with sharp and tangy flavours! Honey Tangerine offers sweet citrus notes which are met by flavoursome Grapefruit and fresh notes of Pomegranate.

Wild Roots Royal Apricot 50/100ml Shortfill

Three sumptuous blends of crushed royal apricot and tangy forest picked blackcurrants, completed with a sprinkle of acai berries, marinated in a truly succulent fusion of flavours.

Wild Roots Pressed Pear 50/100ml Shortfill

Pressed Pear, Pink Lady, Elderflower Country pressed pears coupled with tart pink lady apples marry up perfectly with a sprig of wild elderflower. This curious combination is perfect for warm summer evenings.

Wild Roots Pomegranate 50/100ml Shortfill

Pomegranate, Queen Pineapple, Cucumber Bursts of aromatic pomegranate, infused with the range and sweet flavours of tropical pineapple, completed with subtle hints of cooling cucumber - a taste of summer with this colourful combination.

Wild Roots Gold Dust Peach 50/100ml Shortfill

Gold Dust Peach, Goji Berry When juicy peaches combine with its super fruit counterpart we have a match made in fruit heaven. Floral, fruity and full of flavour.  

Wild Roots Mint Tea 50/100ml Shortfill

Mint Tea + Rhubarb Refresh your senses with this cool and tangy shortfill e-liquid from Wild Roots. Expect the taste of freshly brewed mint tea to surround your palette while notes of tart rhubarb chime through. A uniquely refreshing all-day vape.

WIld Roots Passionfruit 50/100ml Shortfill

Passionfruit + Wild Mango + Red Delicious Apple Let the exotic flavours in this shortfill take you on a tropical journey. Aromatic passionfruit is complemented by smooth mango, rounded off with a crisp bite of Red Delicious apple. A rich and complex flavour that’s perfect for everyday vaping all year round.

Wild Roots Wild Cherry 50/100ml Shortfill

Wild Cherry, Fino Lemon, Frozen blueberries Shaken wild cherry tress have dropped the juiciest fruits ready to be foraged and brought together with fino lemon slices and cooled off with frozen blueberries.