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YeTi Frozen Pear 100ml

Ripe pears combine with a cooling wave of Ice Menthol.

YeTi Orange Lemon Nic Salt

Freshly squeezed oranges blend with sharp Lemon tangs before an arctic blast of ice menthol rounds off this e-liquid.

YeTi Raspberry Candy Cane Nic Salt

Luscious and sweet Raspberry candy cane with just a hint of mint.

YeTi Pineapple Grapefruit Nic Salt

A truly tropical flavour profile featuring fresh pineapple chunks and sharp and sweet grapefruits as you exhale.

YeTi Kiwi Pomegranate Nic Salt

Super sweet kiwis are effortlessly blended with fragrant pomegranate notes.

YeTi Candy Cane Blizzard Nic Salt

Sweet candy canes cascade over a soothing wave of ice cold menthol.

YeTi Passionfruit Blizzard Nic Salt

Ripe passionfruit notes are layered over an arctic blizzard of crushed ice.

YeTi Original Blizzard Nic Salt

Refreshing and soothing ice cold menthol like you've never vaped before.

YeTi Blueberry Blizzard Nic Salt

Tart blueberry notes are present on inhale before a crushing wave of ice menthol refreshes on exhale.
YeTi Blood Orange Blizzard Nic Salt

YeTi Blood Orange Blizzard Nic Salt

Bittersweet Blood Orange notes met with a sharp blast of ice cold menthol.

YeTi Apple Blizzard Nic Salt

crisp red and green apples blend effortlessly creating a sweet fruit inhale, before a cooling wave of ice cold menthol rounds off this all-day vape.

YeTi Bubblegum Candy Cane Nic Salt

Sweet and succulent Bubblegum notes are infused into a soothing mint candy cane.

YeTi Passionfruit Lychee Nic Salt

Fragrant passionfruit notes combine effortlessly with a unique and satisfying sweet lychee exhale.

YeTi Apricot Watermelon Nic Salt

Ripe apricots are present as you inhale before mellow notes of watermelon cut through an ice cold menthol as you exhale.

YeTi Pink Raspberry Nic Salt

Tangy pink raspberries cut through hit after hit before an ice cold menthol exhale rounds off this flavour profile.

YeTi Frost Bite Nic Salt

A medley of sharp mixed berries create a tangy fruit flavour before a soothing arctic blast of ice menthol awakens the senses.

YeTi Dark Fruits Nic Salt

A succulent mix of tangy dark fruits combines as you inhale before a soothing wave of ice cold menthol finishes off this all-day vape.

YeTi Citrus Freeze Nic Salt

A zesty sweet blast of citrus fruits with a refreshing cool ice menthol exhale.

YeTi Ice Cold Cola 100ml Shortfill

A perfect representation of a nostalgic Cola drink with a fresh blast of ice cold menthol.

Yeti Ice Cold Banana Blast 100ml Shortfill

Ripe Bananas provide a smooth and tasty inhale before cooling waves of ice blend in for a refreshing exhale.