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Doozy Vape Co

Seriously Slushy by Doozy Vape Co - Mixed Berries - 100ml

A Concoction of Succulent Red, Blue and Black Berries perfectly combined with a light coolness to make your mouth water!

Seriously Slushy by Doozy Vape Co - Berry Watermelon - 100ml

A Juicy Mix of Ripe Strawberries and Slices of Red Watermelon make this stunning Cool Combination, irresistible!

Seriously Slushy by Doozy Vape Co - Lime Berry - 100ml

A Tongue Tingling Mix of Berries with a sharp but Sweet Drizzle of Lime Sorbet and a touch of Ice.

Seriously Fruity by Doozy Vape Co - Blue Razz - 100ml

Seriously Fruity Blue Razz Berry E-liquid. A Juicy concoction of Blue Raspberries with a Tangy Twist. A Berry Nice fruity blend wrapped in Sweet Candy making this a Deliciously Tasty Treat.

Seriously Fruity by Doozy Vape Co - Apple Raspberry - 100ml

Seriously Fruity Apple Raspberry E-liquid 100ml Shortfill. A Luscious Mix of Tart Raspberries and Crispy Green Apples crushed together to form a Tantalisingly Tasty all day Vape.

Seriously Fruity by Doozy Vape Co - Blackcurrant Honeydew - 100ml

Seriously Fruity Blackcurrant Honeydew E-liquid. A Fantastic combination of Tangy Blackcurrants with slices of Sweet Honeydew Melon. Both flavours compliment each other resulting in a Mouth Wateringly juicy vape.

Seriously Slushy by Doozy Vape Co - Raspberry Tangerine - 100ml

A Mouth-watering Combination of Juicy Raspberries Drenched in Cold freshly squeezed Tangerines.

Seriously Slushy by Doozy Vape Co - Lemon Lime - 100ml

A Refreshing Citrus Combination of Zesty Lemons, a cube of Ice and a Splash of Lime with a Deliciously Sweet Edge.

Seriously Slushy by Doozy Vape Co - Grape Soda - 100ml

Crispy Red and White Grapes with crushed Ice and a Mix of Sweet Soda make this a tasty All day Vape.

Seriously Fruity by Doozy Vape Co - Mango Orange - 100ml

Seriously Fruity Mango Orange E-liquid. Succulent Mango perfectly Ripe and Juicy with an added splash of Blood Orange. An amazingly tasty Cocktail combination.

Seriously Fruity by Doozy Vape Co - Strawberry Kiwi - 100ml

Seriously Fruity Strawberry Kiwi E-liquid. A fusion of freshly picked Strawberries delicately layered with slices of Exotic Kiwi. A truly Tantalising mix to delight your taste buds.

Seriously Fruity by Doozy Vape Co - Fantasia Lemon - 100ml

Seriously Fruity Fantasia Lemon E-liquid. A Refreshingly Tasty Lemon Citrus with a Sweet centre. A Seriously Zesty burst of Flavour that’s totally satisfying.

Doozy Vape Co - Frozen Berries Nic Salt - 10ml

Frozen Berries Nicotine Salts has a concoction of Berries and crushed Ice combine together for a cool refreshing vape. Feel the icy chill washed away by a wave of sweet Berries. This amazing flavour delivers the perfect hit.

Doozy Vape Co - Caramel Tobacco Nic Salt - 10ml

Caramel Tobacco has a subtle hint of Tobacco engulfed with lashings of Golden Caramel. A satisfying hit enshrouded with smooth sweet Tobacco that delivers a very special experience.

Doozy Vape Co - Lemon Berry Pie Nic Salt - 10ml

Lemon Berry Pie a down to vape Luxuriously soft Pie Dough mixed with Sweet Berries and Zingy Lemon makes this an enjoyable treat.

Doozy Vape Co - Apple Mango Nic Salt - 10ml

Apple Mango Nicotine Salts has a mixture of juicy Apples infused with exotic Mangoes. A tantalising blend of Tropical Fruits that hits the spot every time. This mouth-watering combination will take your breath away!

Doozy Vape Co - Tropical Slush Nic Salt - 10ml

Tropical Slush a down to vape mouth-watering combination of Blue Raspberries and Pineapple blended together to create a refreshing mixed Slush.

Doozy Vape Co - Tropix Rio Nic Salt - 10ml

An Exotic Fusion of Juicy Mangosteen and Slices of Guava with a splash of Icy Citrus. Words to describe this Sublime flavour…Fantastic, Delicious, Amazing. One thing is for sure, this Magical Medley will take your breath away!

Doozy Vape Co - Apple Grape Blast Nic Salt - 10ml

Apple & Grape Blast A down to vape Crisp Green apple mixture of Sweet Juicy Grapes with a Cool Refreshing Blast of Ice.

Doozy Vape Co - Vanilla Custard Nic Salt - 10ml

Creamy Custard infused with delicate Vanilla provides a perfect combination that is complemented by hints of syrup drizzled on a Pastry crust. The ultimate dessert vape for those that have a sweet tooth. Our Nicotine Salts give you a stronger nicotine hit whilst preserving the tasty flavour you love.

Doozy Vape Co - Fizzy Lemon Nic Salt - 10ml

Fizzy Lemon Salts AKA sharp sweet Lemon with a Fizzy twist. The taste of melting Candy followed by a punch of fizzy Sherbet that sizzles on your tongue. Experience a burst of endless flavour with a smooth throat hit.

Doozy Vape Co - Tropix Tahiti Nic Salt - 10ml

A Tangy blend of Maracuya and Ruby Grapefruit with a Refreshingly Sharp Citrus Fizz. A Fruitilicious Mix drenched in Green Lemon juice makes this a Showstopper of a Flavour with a Twist. It really is something Special.

Doozy Vape Co - Tropix Malibu Nic Salt - 10ml

A Mouth-Watering mix of Tangerine and Grenadine with a Twist of Banana topped with Crushed Ice. Amazingly tasty yet Mysteriously complex blend turns this into a truly Exotic experience not to be missed. Discover Malibu…the taste of Paradise.

Doozy Vape Co - Tropix Fiji Nic Salt - 10ml

A Mesmerising combination of Crisp Fuji Apple and Sweet Cucamelon with a Touch of Cucumber. Perfection in a bottle, each fruit layered in the most divine way to deliver a fresh and fruity Tropical Wave. You won’t have tasted anything quite like this before…Enjoy!