Modern Slavery Statement

Vape Supplier Ltd is committed to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner. We recognize our responsibility to ensure that our supply chain operates in a way that respects human rights, promotes fair labour practices, and prohibits any form of modern slavery. This Ethical Trading and Modern Slavery Policy outlines our commitment to upholding these principles and sets the standards we expect from our suppliers.



This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and suppliers of Vape Supplier Ltd. We expect our suppliers to share our commitment to ethical trading and modern slavery prevention.



Respect for Human Rights: Vape Supplier Ltd is committed to respecting and supporting human rights in all aspects of our operations and supply chain. This includes the right to fair and safe working conditions, freedom of association, and the prohibition of discrimination.


Labour Standards: We adhere to internationally recognized labour standards, as defined by organizations such as the International Labour Organization (ILO). Our commitment includes ensuring that our suppliers provide fair wages, reasonable working hours, and a safe and healthy working environment for their employees.


No Forced Labour: Vape Supplier Ltd strictly prohibits the use of forced or compulsory labour in any part of our supply chain. This includes any form of bonded labour, human trafficking, or modern slavery. Child Labour: We do not tolerate the use of child labour in our supply chain. Suppliers must comply with applicable national and international laws regarding the minimum age for employment.


Supply Chain Transparency: Vape Supplier Ltd expects its suppliers to be transparent about their own supply chains. We encourage suppliers to disclose information about the origin of their materials and the conditions under which their products are produced.


Due Diligence: Vape Supplier Ltd will conduct due diligence to identify and assess potential risks of modern slavery in our supply chain. This includes regular audits and assessments of our suppliers' practices to ensure compliance with this policy.


Training: We will provide training to our employees and suppliers on the importance of ethical trading and the prevention of modern slavery. This includes awareness of the signs of modern slavery and the procedures to report any concerns.


Reporting and Non-Compliance: Suppliers are encouraged to report any concerns about unethical or non-compliant practices in our supply chain. Vape Supplier Ltd will thoroughly investigate any reported cases of non-compliance and take appropriate corrective action.


Review and Continuous Improvement: This policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Vape Supplier Ltd is committed to continuous improvement in ethical trading practices and the prevention of modern slavery.


Conclusion: By adhering to this Ethical Trading and Modern Slavery Policy, Vape Supplier Ltd strives to contribute to a fair and just global business environment. We believe that conducting business ethically is not only a legal obligation but a moral imperative.