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Strawberry Jam Yoghurt by IVG - 10ml - Nic Salt

Sweet Strawberry Jam infused into a velvety smooth Yoghurt base.

Unicorn Hoops by IVG - 10ml - 50/50

A delicious fruity Cereal flavour met with chunks of sweet Marshmallow and a splash of fresh Milk

Honey Crunch by IVG Desserts - 0mg - Shortfill

A sweet and satisfying Honey Cereal flavour served with a generous pouring of creamy Milk.

Vanilla Biscuit by IVG - 10ml - Nic Salt

Rich and smooth Vanilla Custard smeared into a flaky Biscuit base.

Wild Roots Honey Tangerine Shortfill

Honey Tangerine + Red Pomelo Grapefruit + Pomegranate This e-liquid is alive with sharp and tangy flavours! Honey Tangerine offers sweet citrus notes which are met by flavoursome Grapefruit and fresh notes of Pomegranate.

Wild Roots - Passionfruit - Nic Salt

Passionfruit + Wild Mango + Red Delicious Apple   Tart Passion Fruit notes combine with freshly picked Mangoes and Red Apples to create a flavour explosion that has to be vaped to be believed!

Wild Roots Jewel Raspberry Shortfill E-liquid

Jewel Raspberry + Coconut + Cantaloupe A sweet and endlessly refreshing vape juice. Jam-like Jewell Raspberry is paired with the cooling exotic notes of Coconut and Cantaloupe for a palate-cleansing flavour ideal for all-day vaping.

Wild Roots - Wild Cherry - Nic Salt

Wild Cherry + Fino Lemon + Frozen Blueberries   Wild Cherries cascade over freshly sliced Lemons before being cooled off by fresh waves of Frozen Blueberries. Masterfully crafted for all-day vaping.

Jinx - Raspberry & Rhubarb - 100ml Shortfill

Captivate your taste buds with this fusion of piercingly sweet Raspberry and distinct Rhubarb. Bursting with bewitching flavour.

Jinx - Pineapple & Grapefruit - 100ml Shortfill

Luscious Pineapple and sharp Grapefruit mingle in this unmistakably exotic flavour concoction. Magnificently mind-blowing.

Jinx - Blackberry & Pear - 100ml Shortfill

Mesmerising notes of Blackberries and Pear join forces to charm and compel with each and every hit. Effortlessly entrancing.

Jinx - Blueberry & Cherry - 100ml Shortfill

This hypnotic e-liquid sees ravishing flavour notes of Blueberry and Cherry meet for a truly intriguing mix. Spellbindingly sweet.

Jinx - Banana & Apricot - 100ml Shortfill

Let ripe notes of Banana and succulent Apricot take control in this balanced e-liquid. Dizzyingly delicious.