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Dripping Desserts

Rice Pudding & Custard by Dripping Desserts - Shortfill

A bottomless cream based flavour with delicious notes of a flavoursome rice pudding, topped off with a sweet vanilla custard. A masterpiece like no other.

Strawberry Jam & Custard by Dripping Desserts - Shortfill

Deliciously sweet strawberry jam expertly blended with a rich creamy vanilla custard.  

Jammy Biscuit by Dripping Desserts - Shortfill

Light but sweet buttery biscuit complimented by a huge serving of strawberry jam. Flavour heaven in a vape!

Blackcurrant Jam & Custard by Dripping Desserts - Shortfill

Sweet & smooth blackcurrant jam blended together with a sweet creamy vanilla custard. 

Butterscotch Custard by Dripping Desserts - Shortfill

The Dripping Desserts Butterscotch Custard is a perfect blend of butterscotch and custard. In the box:  E-liquid Ratio: 70VG/30PG Bottle Size: 100ml Shortfill Flavours: Butterscotch, Vanilla, Custard, Desserts Store RRP (inc VAT): £14.99 Minimum Expected Margin: 74%

Rice Pudding & Raspberry Jam by Dripping Desserts - Shortfill

A deep cream-based flavour with high notes of a delicious rice pudding all topped off with an authentic jam preserve