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Flavour Treats

Flavour Treats Blackjack 100ml Shortfill

A nostalgic Blackjack Candy flavour which creates refreshingly sweet and sharp flavour bursts from inhale to exhale.

Flavour Treats Fruit Pastels 100ml Shortfill

A delightful Mixed Fruit gummy Candy flavour coated in sprinklings of sugar.

Flavour Treats Strawberries and Cream Waffle 100ml Shortfill

A warm and crispy Waffle base served with sweet summer Strawberries and fresh whipped Cream as toppings. You can't top that!

Flavour Treats Cola Bottles 100ml Shortfill

A confectionary inspired e-liquid featuring a vintage Cola flavour infused into soft gummy candies dipped in sugar.

Flavour Treats Vanilla Custard 100ml Shortfill

A warm and creamy Vanilla Custard e-liquid with deliciously rich flavour bursts.

Flavour Treats Sticky Toffee Custard 100ml Shortfill

A classic British dessert flavour featuring rich sticky Toffee notes layered over comforting soft waves of sweet Vanilla Custard.

Flavour Treats Butterscotch 100ml Shortfill

A rich and velvety dessert flavour that accurately represents Butterscotch.

Flavour Treats Vanilla Custard Waffle 100ml Shortfill

A rich Waffle base layered with a generous helping of rich and creamy Vanilla Custard.

Flavour Treats Ultra Ice 100ml Shortfill

An extra sharp flavour merging cooling waves of fresh Mint with an intense Ice Menthol exhale.

Flavour Treats NY Cheesecake 100ml Shortfill

A tempting New York style Cheesecake flavour, offering creamy sweetness layered over a fresh-from-the-oven biscuit base.