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Moreish Puff

Moreish Puff Brewed Hazelnut Vienna 100ml Shortfill

A rich, creamy espresso is complimented with some fresh hazelnuts for a unique and wonderful vape!

Moreish Puff Brewed Maple Bar Donut 100ml Shortfill

The perfect accompaniment to an espresso, our American maple glazed donut can’t be beaten!

Moreish Puff Popcorn Peanut Butter 100ml Shortfill

A flavour like no other, fresh popcorn is blended with some smooth creamy peanut butter for a vape for the ages!

Moreish Puff Popcorn Sweet 100ml Shortfill

The classic popcorn reimagined in vape form, as a fresh, fluffy popcorn flavour is complimented with a smooth sweetness.

Moreish Puff Popcorn Salted Caramel 100ml Shortfill

A twist on classic salted popcorn as some fresh popcorn is blended with some sticky creamy salted caramel.

Moreish Puff Popcorn Raspberry 100ml Shortfill

Who knew fruit and popcorn would work so well? Sweet raspberries are combined with fresh, puffy popcorn for a delightful vape.