What is the Latest News on the Disposable Vape Ban

We at Vape Supplier express our deep concern over the Government's proposal to ban disposable vapes. While we align with the goal of preventing underage vaping, we believe that blanket bans are not the right approach. Disposable vapes have been crucial in helping adults quit smoking, contributing significantly to the Government's smoke-free 2030 ambition.

Disposable Ban

Why are Disposable Vapes Banned?

Disposable vapes are banned for several reasons, one of them being to protect children’s health. According to recent data shared by the UK government, 9% of 11-15-year-olds have been introduced to vaping these disposable e-cigarettes. Fruity flavours, flashy packaging, and attractive products attract children towards vaping. As the long-term health impacts are yet to be known, nicotine is highly addictive, and therefore vaping devices should never be marketed to children, Rishi Sunak announced. Aside from protecting children’s health and curbing the rise of youth vapers, councils incurred additional costs to clear ‘disposable vape litter’. Around five million e-cigarettes are thrown away every week and they can cause fires in bin lorries, according to the Local Government Association. This is an important environmental issue that needs addressing. Encouraging reuse and improving recycling infrastructure would likely yield better long-term results.

How Will the Vape Ban be Enforced?

The government pledged £30 million yearly to strengthen enforcement agencies. However, this funding is insufficient to effectively deter the illegal sales of disposable vapes. Despite seizing millions of illegal vapes in the last three years, Kate Pike of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute warns that this likely represents just the "tip of the iceberg" for non-compliant vapes in UK shops. The notable influx, mainly from China, presents significant challenges for enforcement.

Arguments Against the Disposable Vape Ban

We call on the Government to enhance and rigorously enforce existing regulations to stop vapes from being sold to minors, instead of imposing outright bans. Vape Supplier uses compliance, and age verification to ensure our products do not end up with underage users.

Detrimental Effects of a Blanket Ban on Disposable Vapes

Impact on Smoking Cessation and Public Health

Research from University College London suggests that banning disposable vapes could undermine their role as a smoking cessation tool. This move could deter former smokers who have quit through disposables and impede progress towards the smoke-free 2030 target. It's crucial to consider the ban's potential public health ramifications.

Black Market and Illegal Vaping Concerns

The ban might inadvertently fuel a rise in illegal vaping products. Experiences from countries like India & Australia, where similar bans led to a boom in black-market vaping, underscore the need for stricter enforcement against illicit vendors to safeguard consumers and prevent underage access to vaping products.

Economic and Healthcare Implications

The economic impact could be profound, affecting local economies and the convenience sector, which is a vital part of community support. Additionally, the potential increased burden on the National Health Service (NHS) due to smoking-related issues should not be overlooked.

Flavour Restrictions and Their Effect on Adult Smokers

While we support measures to make vaping less appealing to minors through flavour & packaging restrictions, we advocate for plainer packaging rather than outright flavour bans. This approach could help maintain vaping's appeal as a smoking alternative for adults, in line with recommendations from the Royal College of Physicians.

We strongly oppose the proposed ban on disposable vapes, we advocate for targeted measures and effective enforcement of existing regulations to prevent youth access while preserving adult smokers' access to a vital cessation tool. Vape Supplier remains dedicated to supporting the FMCG & Vape sectors through education and collaboration, ensuring businesses can adapt and thrive amid these changes.

We will keep you updated about the Disposable Vape Ban

The ban on disposable vapes will significantly impact manufacturers and retailers, raising concerns about potential harm to former smokers and public health.

As responsible UKVIA members, we back sensible restrictions and are open to collaborating on government initiatives to curb underage selling of vaping products. We'll monitor the bill's progress and provide updates.

Jane Buxton, GM of Vape Supplier, emphasises that the focus should be on targeting importers and sellers who flout the law by selling to minors, rather than penalising responsible businesses. The proposed ban risks harming public health and driving more individuals to combustible cigarettes. We advocate for a cooperative approach to crafting regulations that support a smoke-free future, highlighting our commitment to sustainability and the vaping community's long-term viability.