The Rise In Nicotine Pouches

The growing popularity of nicotine pouches reflects a significant trend in modern consumer habits.

The heightened awareness of the health risks associated with smoking and the desire for customisable nicotine intake has left users seeking something new. The wide range of flavours available in nic pouches caters to diverse preferences, contributing to its growing popularity within the industry. This indicates significant change in nicotine usage trends, as nicotine pouches are gaining popularity as a top option among consumers aiming to reduce or stop smoking.

What to know

Packaged in compact tins, typically containing 15 to 22 pouches depending on the brand, and varying in strength between 3mg and 30mg per pouch. For context, a typical cigarette contains 10 to 14mg of nicotine. Nicotine pouches, being tobacco-free, are not regulated by TPD and TRPR like vaping products. Instead, they are governed by the General Product Safety Regulations (2005).

How do they work?

The discreet pouches are easy to use with simple placement between the upper lip and gums for up to an hour. This provides a subtle nicotine payoff, increasingly favoured by individuals seeking alternatives to traditional tobacco products. Once the customer has satisfied their nicotine cravings, they simply remove the pouch from their mouth and dispose of it. The pouch itself is non-recyclable, and should be thrown into general waste. Customers can store a used pouch in the top lid compartment when a bin is not immediately available.

Expertly crafted since 2016, Killa Nicopods is one of the most popular and recognisable nicotine pouches on the market. Available in 16.5mg and offering 18 unique flavours, they're an ideal option for customers looking for a classic and flavoursome nicotine hit.

Pablo is a brand new face on the market, made for customers seeking an extra strong nicotine hit. Suitable for experienced users only due to their nicotine strength of up to 50mg, these pouches are available in 15 classic flavours with an ultra-strong nicotine content.